Liqui-tech Finish First
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From Place 4 dime-sized drops of FINISH FIRST POLISH on applicator pad or a clean soft cloth. Wipe onto an approximately 2-sq. ft. area using back and forth motion. Apply to entire vehicle's painted surface at one time. A thin, even application of FINISH FIRST works best. Using thick coats is wasteful and will cause excess dust upon removal. Allow FINISH FIRST to "cure" a minimum of 1 hour to overnight before removing. This important step allows for maximum durability as well as filling of fine scratches and swirl marks. During the curing phase, there is no such thing as " too long", but we recommend a minimum of 1 hour. While FINISH FIRST is curing, use this time to clean the interior, tires, windows and other areas to complete the detailing process.

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Well, this was my first real detail and my second time with the PC (but first time polishing). The car is a 1988 Toyota Land Cruiser. It's the daily driver of a friend's mom.

The surface was a disaster. Lot's of scratches, cobweb swirls, oxidation, waterspots and everything that a paint can have (LOL ). The interior was really really dirty.

The process was:

Sonax Wash x2
Sonüs Clay Bar
Sonax Wash
Meg's #83 DACP via PC w/Sonüs Orange Cutting Pad @ 6
Meg's #80 SG via PC w/Sonüs Green Polishing Pad @ 5
Meg's NXT Tech Wax via PC w/Sonüs Gray Finishing pad @ 4.5
Meg's APC 10:1 on wheels and wheel wells
Meg's #40 on trim

Meg's APC 10:1 on carpet, rubber and vinyl
Meg's #40 on rubber and vinyl
Meg's Medallion Leather Cleaner/Conditioner on seats.

SilvrSurfr recommends S-100 for cleaning/protecting the wheels.

forum  "every car owner who cares about there car should have plexus. if you dont know what it is, its a plastic cleaner/wax/polish spray. I used it when i worked at DPS biulding trooper car light bars. we used it to get the yellow/haze off the clear cover on the lightbar. i use it on my headlights and taillights everytime i wash my car and wow. its kinda expensive but its worth it."