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My 2005 Subaru WRX STi.

20180525 57354 Changed oil & filter; Subaru filter 15208AA100; 4 qts 5w30 Mobil-1; 4271 miles. (Oil change forecast to 61079 [+3725].)

20180308 ????? Added 1 12oz can of Freon to A/C system (went from 0 psi to ~20 psi.)

20170110 56045 Installed new Speedometer Speed Sensor (85082AE000, $93.07 sewell subaru parts dept.)
20161221 55905

20160711 54818 Put on new Michelin Pilot Super Sports from NTB. (Rotation forecast to 59818.)
20160415 54061 Picked up STi from Sewell Subaru after having front bumper clear bra getting patched.
20160203 ????? Received call from Sewell Subaru that they'd broken my front bumper and will be fixing it.
20160201 ????? Dropped off at Sewell Subaru for 50k mile service (and to fix power steering pump.)
20160131 53083 Installed Mishimito radiator (Part No ser no 29921593) and radiator hoses. New radiator clamps (OEM.) Changed oil & filter; Subaru filter; 4 qts 5w30 Mobil-1; 4084 miles. (Oil change forecast to 56808 [+3725].)

20151231 ????? State inspection renewed.

20150810 51168 Passenger side air bag replaced due to factory recall.

20141101 48999 Changed oil & filter; Subaru filter; 4 qts 5w30 Mobil-1; 3383 miles. (Oil change forecast to 52724 [+3725].)
20140712 47495 Rotated RE070s. (Next rotation at 52495.)

20140724 47711 Replaced Alt/PS belt, AC belt, and AC idler.

20121123 45616 Changed oil & filter; Subaru filter; 4 qts 5w30 Mobil-1; 3960 miles. (Oil change forecast to 49341 [+3725].)

20111128 44493

20110906 43951

20101116 42950

20100406 42169 State inspection renewed.

20100322 42055

20100310 42000

20100223 41974

20100209 41904

20100115 ????? Had tax office remove lein from title. ($32 required)

20091115 41656 Changed oil & filter; Subaru filter; 4 qts 5w30 Mobil-1; 3817 miles. (Oil change forecast to 45381 [+3725].)

20090909 41503

20081103 39966 Installed new Diehard battery.

20080726 39071

20080717 38737

20080707 38502

20080703 38450

20080702 38400

20080701 38374

20080630 38332 Fixed flat in RLH tire (Discount Tire.)

20080627 38310 AC is getting kind of warm.

20080608 37838 Changed oil & filter; Subaru filter; 4 qts 5w30 Mobil-1; 3700 miles. (Oil change forecast to 41563 [+3725].)

20080109 35813

20080105 35702 Rotated RE070s. (Next rotation at 40702.)

20080103 35643

20080102 35612

20071210 34991

20071205 34792 State inspection renewed.

20071104 34099 Changed oil & filter; Subaru filter; 4.75 qts 5w30 Mobil-1; 3646 miles. (Oil change forecast to 37824.)

20071031 34051

20071029 33984 (3198 since last rotation; 3531 since last oil change)

20071016 33568

20071008 33316

20070821 32484

20070813 32232

20070624 New tires were at 32, aired them up to 36.

20070622 30786 Put on new RE070s. (Rotation forecast to 35786.)

20070617 30668 RRH tire at zero pressure. F at 36 and R at 38.

20070610 30453 Changed oil & filter; Subaru filter; 4.75 qts 5w30 Mobil-1; 3720 miles.

20070602 30000

20070517 29355
30,000 mile service with Subaru of Dallas.
Scheduled warranty replacement for rear struts.
Part Nos. 20360FE912 and 20360FE902.

2007???? 26733 Oil change. (3672 miles.)

20061214 24919

20061213 24893

20061208 24743

20061204 24616

20061118 24272 Pictures at Kenneth's house.

20061115 24193 State inspection renewed.

20061011 23061 Changed oil & filter. Subaru filter; 5w30 Mobil-1.

20060703 19503 Rotated wheels.

20060525 18387

20060523 18359

20060522 Some pics of my wheel and area before taking it to SOD for them to fix the damage.

20060516 18108 Some pictures (later that night) of the damage from SOD fixing my flat.

20060516 18048 Noticed this evening that SOD scratched/scuffed up my FLH wheel.
20060516 18048 Some pics at the office, after the flat was fixed.

20060516 Dropped off STi at SOD this morning to have flat fixed.

20060515 Drove to the office this morning and discovered I had a flat tire.

20060305 16386

Tim's Auto-XRay pulled code P2012.

Started the car after work, got a CEL.

Tim's Auto-XRay pulled code P2012.

20060213 15752
On the way in to work this morning, got a CEL that the Cobb can't pull.
CEL went off.
15770 EOD

20060205 15422
Some pics at my sister's house.
Checked tire pressure, was low.. Pumped to 40psi Front, 36psi Rear.

Random pics.

20051212 13754

Some pretty nasty weather.

20051206 13547

Some bastard dinged my FR fender in the parking lot on Greenville in front of Freebird's, or near at least. I knew I shoulda parked in BFE.

20050731 9843
Rotated the wheels at my sister's house.

Got banged into by Jeff Mitchell at a friend's friend's house in East Dallas. We came back from downtown after leaving my car at his house--there was an Isuzu Trooper parked ON it.

Ok, I'm making a mileage table.

Gas at Chevron. [245.5mi/13.370g,$31.01,6650mi]

Gave the STi a good wash.

Gas at Chevron. [282.0mi/13.591g,$33.42,6405mi]

Gas at Chevron. [249.1mi/12.777g,$29.89,6123mi]

Gas at Chevron. [267.6mi/13.330g,$31.98,5874mi]

Gas at Chevron. [272.0mi/13.283g,$30.80,5606mi]

Gas at Chevron. [259.0mi/12.643g,$30.30,5334mi]

Gas at Chevron. [257.8mi/13.204g,$31.15,5075mi]

Gas at Chevron. [235.7mi/9.547g,$23.48,4817mi]

Got oil changed. Mobil-1 5w-30

Gas at Chevron. [231.8mi/13.743g,$31.60,4581mi]

Gas at Chevron. [237.4mi/13.548g,$29.25,4349mi]

20050315 4314 mi EOD
Car still drives awesome!

Got gas at Chevron. [189.6mi/11.356g,$23.84,4112mi]

20050306 3936 mi EOD
Got gas at Chevron. [242.9mi/13.464g,$28.93,3922mi]

20050303 3766 mi EOD

Got gas at Chevron. [229.1mi/12.628g,$25.62,3447mi]

20050221 3356 mi EOD
*whew*  Washed STi, used Meguiar Detailing Clay to get rid of some nasty tar, fully waxxed w/ Meguiar NXT, added Meguiar Gold Class to roof & hood, vacuumed, applied Armor All to door seals, trunk seal, and hood-scoop seal.  Wiped door jams and dash.  Did not get around to washing the wheels, I just ran out of time!

20050220 3289 mi EOD

20050219 3218 mi
Got gas at Chevron. [230.2mi/12.634g,$25.26,3218mi]

20050218 3101 mi EOD

20050217 3050 mi EOD

20050216 2988 mi
Got gas at Chevron. [248.6mi/13.085g,$25.90,2988mi]

20050215 2951 mi EOD
The car is a complete blast to drive!  Dallas sucks, however!

20050212 2726 mi EOD
20050212 2695 mi
Installed my rear license plate.  Not sure if I'm going to put the front on.  Hmm.

20050210 2640 mi
Pictures of the installed downpipe in the afternoon.

20050209 2530 mi
Pictures of the installed Borla Hush in the morning.

Downpipe and cat-back installed today at SOD!
Got gas as Chevron. [215.9mi/9.229g,$19.37,2520mi]

20050206 2453 mi EOD

20050204 2319 mi EOD
Dropped off the Borla cat-back muffler at SOD for installation on Tuesday in four days!
Got gas at Chevron. [186.3mi/12.491g,$25.22,2304mi]

20050201 2216 mi EOD
2206 mi Installed AccessPort.

20050130 2154 mi EOD
Got gas at Chevron. [200.8mi/12.633g,$25.25,2118mi]

20050128 2070 mi EOD

20050127 2016 mi EOD

20050126 1993 mi EOD

20050124 1919 mi EOD
Got gas at Chevron. [206.0mi/12.902g,$25.79,1917mi]

20050121 1785 mi EOD

20050120 1760 mi EOD
Had oil changed with Mobil-1 5w-30 at SOD. $61, 1740mi.
Hung w/ TXIC at the LaMadeline's lunch. Fun.
Got a call from Jet-Hot today. They have my downpipe, it will be $104 with $42 for shipping. They'll be sending it back next Thursday, 20050127.

20050119 1736 mi EOD
Got gas at Chevron. [225.8mi/12.983g,$25.95,1711mi]

20050118 1637 mi EOD

20050116 1621 mi EOD

20050115 1487 mi
Washed STi w/ Meguiar's Gold Class car-wash. Put on one coat of NXT liquid wax. Only thing is I put it on one panel at a time, starting w/ the hood. Put a second coat of NXT on the hood, roof, and wing. Waxed the wheel-wells too. Used S-100 on the wheels, works great! Only thing is, you have to use a terry cloth on them afterwards to get the remaining grit.
Got gas at Chevron. [236.1mi/12.785g,$24.66,1485mi]

20050114 1431 mi EOD
Went to FIS today and Dyno'ed! Also, went to SOD and had my downpipe sent off to Jet-Hot for a treatment of black Jet-Hot 2000.

20050113 1319 mi EOD
Hung w/ the TXIC crowd at Cafe Expres. Fun.
More driving, very fun.

20050112 1293 mi EOD
More of the same, lovin the STi.
Got gas at Chevron. [238.4mi/13.057g,$26.10,1249mi]

20050111 1236 mi EOD
Drove completely normal today. I'm getting used to it.

20050110 1175 mi EOD
Getting used to regular driving with boost. This car is awesome!

20050109 1117 mi EOD
Drove to church today, everything going great!

20050108 1030 mi EOD
Washed the beast today, boy was it dirty. Gas at Chevron. [260.5mi/13.345g,$24.81,1011mi]

20050107 1009 mi EOD
Got that dent pulled out by SOD's Paintless Dent Repair guy! He did a great job! Break-in DONE!!!!!!  Drove from Dallas to Texas Motor Speedway, and to my father's house.  At 1:00am!!  I had to drop my sister off at home around 12:15am and then I just left and started driving.  I varied my engine speed of course.  That was _not_ easy with Dallas traffic even at that hour!  The power is awesome!!  Truly amazing!  I hit 1000mi at around 2:02am in Garland.

20050106 826.1 mi EOD
Ok.  I'm ready for the break-in period to end.  Only 173.9 miles left!!!!!!

20050105 757.3 mi EOD
Staying out of trouble.  Got gas at Chevron.  [250.7mi/13.297g,$25.78,750.6mi]

20050104 723.7 mi EOD
Drove to Boston's in Lewisville and hung with the TXIC crowd.  Fun.  Unfortunately they had the OU/SC game on the tvs there--lots of loud people.  Getting closer!  276.3mi left!

20050103 663.4 mi EOD
Lots more dirt. It rained this morning and this afternoon on.

20050102 630.4 mi EOD
My STi is super-duper dirty now.  Driving to church went well, however on the way back I was forced to get into boost a little bit by a slightly unattentive driver.  The STi basically drove like it was not raining at all.  Although the way it drove probably has a lot to do with the fact I can not use _any_ power yet.  369.6 miles left!!

20050101 521.9 mi EOD
Beautiful day driving, however it seemed everyone in Dallas was looking to run over me!  Not to mention I saw plenty of people pulled over as there was no shortage of speeders.  I am having a VERY difficult time doing the break-in period.  Argh.  Got gas at Chevron.  [249.0mi/12.356g,$22.48,499.8mi]   I need to have this guy washed now, badly.

20041231 400.3 mi DD
Just finished installing wheel locks and putting a dab of silver anti-sieze on each lug.  Torque'ed them to 65 ft/lbs per spec.
20041231 429.8 mi EOD
570.2 miles left!
Also discovered that the STi's wheelbase is within one inch of my previous 1991 300zx 2+2's.. So I guess it really isn't "short".

20041230 396.3 mi EOD
Talked to John at SOD today, they are willing to take care of the dent on my door. Awesome!! More driving done today. I'm still trying to figure out the best way to handle my exterior--the body and the wheels.

20041229 ???.? mi EOD
Woops! Forgot to get the mileage this time. On the plus side, the guys at the office pointed out that the dent on my driver's door may have been there before I picked up the car. I highly doubted this, but looking at the pictures I took _that_day_ it looks like this is very likely to be the case! I'm currently talking with SOD about the possibility of them taking care of it. If not, I will. It is such a small dent.

20041228 305.3 mi EOD
Got my first dent, on the driver-side door. I'll let a few slide before I go and get them taken care of. Started breaking in my parking brake today a bit too. The car still drives great! I love the sound of it as well. Got my Borla from Tim today. Thinking of having my down-pipe Jet-Hot-2000'ed before I have it installed, it isn't too expensive. I'll have to get the Borla done as well. Still no garage. 694.7 miles left!

20041227 252.53 mi EOD
Backing off on the turbo, apparently it isn't a good idea to start boosting during break-in. Any blow-by on the rings is bad. No problem, I am patient. But only just barely!!
Heard that the Borla cat-back is currently at Tim's house. He'll be bringing it in the morning to my office. Will be waiting for the break-in to get finished up before I get that installed.
Also, today, talked with Kevin S. about STis, he recommended bedding the pads, which I tried about twice today.
Got the first tank of gas for the STi at Chevron. [250.8mi/12.812g,$24.33,250.8mi]
Still no garage.

20041226 196.5 mi EOD
Starting to get into the turbo a little. I can't wait to finish up the break-in period! Only 803.5 miles left! The STi has quite a bit of *whoosh* after shifts, and that is with a CBV! I'm starting to get some grit build up on the fenders already, and the brakes are collecting dust too. That and I don't have a garage yet! mirr. On the freeway I can definitely feel the short wheelbase of the STi, and I'm guessing that wing comes in handy over 80mph.
I showed it to two people at my church and they initially thought it was a Mitsubishi EVO. Hmm.

20041225 70.9 mi EOD
Christmas at my sister's house.

20041224 8 mi BOD
20041224 55 mi EOD
I picked up my White STi from Subaru of Dallas today. Good feelings.

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